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Frequently Asked Questions

How many rounds does the Taurus polymer protector DT hold?

The Taurus Polymer Protector DT Revolver holds five .357 magnum rounds in a lightweight, carry-ready package. Yamil Sued. While Taurus offers a DT revolver with a stainless cylinder, hammer and trigger to contrast with the matte black polymer frame, the author tested a model with a blued cylinder and a color-case-hardened hammer and trigger.

Is Taurus a polymer frame gun?

But Ruger, Smith & Wesson and now Taurus all have models utilizing polymer in varying degrees of frame construction. Taurus’s Polymer Protector line is not quite as extensive as Ruger’s, offering only .38 Special +P and .357 Magnum calibers. As in the other polymer-framed firearms, Taurus uses more than just polymer in the frame.

Where can I buy a Taurus 605 poly?

The gun is also known as the "Protector Poly", printed on the top of the barrel encasement If you can't find this gun locally, you can order the Taurus 605 Poly, from one of my most trusted sources - Brownell's. A leather paddle holster will serve you well with a small revolver.

Is the Taurus polyperformance 357 Magnum revolver worth it?

Performance Review Also Known As The Taurus Protector Poly.357 Magnum Revolver Well, Taurus produced a beauty when they manufactured this small, polymer coated, steel framed, monster.357 shooter. The Taurus M605.357 magnum revolver would almost be worth having even if it didn't work; because it's so good looking.

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