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Frequently Asked Questions

How to play Tetris effect?

Like every level and mode in Tetris Effect, you need to find a natural rhythm in the game, but in this case you do so by getting in sync with your partners. Only one person plays a piece at a time, so being able to quickly find the right spot and anticipate where the others will go becomes crucial.

What is the Zone mechanic in Tetris effect connected?

One common question is in reference to the Zone mechanic, what it does, what it’s for, and what things like a “Decahexatris” and “Perfectris” are in Tetris Effect: Connected. The “Zone” mechanic is directly tied to your Zone Meter in Tetris Effect: Connected. To fill your Zone Meter, you’ll need to clear lines and score points.

What is the connected version of Tetris?

The Connected version adds the zone mechanic from Tetris Effect, which stops the parade of pieces and allows you to complete a large number of lines in a short time. Using zone effectively adds an extra layer of strategy: Activating it at the right time can guarantee a victory, but it's surprisingly tricky to find the correct moment to use it.

How many lines can you clear in Tetris effect connected?

In Tetris Effect: Connected, there are a number of unique names for the number of lines you’re able to clear while Zone is activated like Octotris, or 8 Line Clear. A great benchmark to aim for is the Decahexatris, or 16 Line Clear. There’s also the Perfectris, which is an 18 Line Clear.

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