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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if my TomTom is not working?

Make sure your device is not connected to the computer. TomTom Services are not available when your device is connected to your computer. Make sure that information sharing is enabled on your navigation device. See: About sharing information to use TomTom Traffic or LIVE Services Make sure that your device has a valid GPS signal.

How to update TomTom HOME software?

In order to update the software, you must first connect the device into the computer. The device should have come with a USB cord for this action. Once the device is plugged in, open TomTom Home and go to the software section. There will be an option to download the new software. Click download and you are done.

How do I connect my TomTom device to my computer?

The moment you connect your TomTom device to a computer, your device asks Do you want to connect to 'computer'. Once you tap YES it should connect to the computer. TomTom HOME then starts.

Does the TomTom One need to be charged?

Try resetting the device first, and if that does not work then the speaker needs to be replaced. The TomTom ONE must be charged in order to work. The TomTom ONE has a two hour battery life. The device comes with a car charger that will charge the device while driving.

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