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Frequently Asked Questions

Who manages vault cash?

Team up with U.S. Bank to manage your vault cash needs with confidence. We’ve been in the vault cash business since 1994—longer than anyone else in the field. We currently manage over $3 billion in monthly vault cash balances for nearly 57,000 ATMs, making us the largest vault cash provider in the nation.

How do I sell full coin bags to a branch vault?

Vault # - C01 Highland Coin Machine Transfer Amount – Equals the amount of all the full bags you are selling. To: Branch Vault - 11. Press Enter. Press Post (F5) Button to post the transaction. This step will sell the full coin bags to the branch vault where they will be included in the daily vault count for auditing purposes.

How to take a receipt from the vault?

Take receipt Push Printer back Blue screen will appear; press ESC Screen will appear to Open vault; press done Screen will appear to Replenish envelopes; press done Screen will appear to Verify deposits; press done Screen will appear to Insert disk into A Drive; insert the disk and press done

How do I transfer money from ateller to a vault?

Into the ‘transfer amount’ field enter the amount of the cash disbursed and enter the TELLER’s number, enter vault ID number. Then, hit enter. (If the TELLER’s drawer has not been activated this function will not be completed). Press Enter. Use F5-Post to complete the transfer. Use F7-Cancel to exit the screen.

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