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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is vault health workforce screening?

Partnering with Vault Health Workforce Screening, a PBSA accredited consumer reporting agency, allows you to streamline your screening process with quick, compliant, and accurate screening solutions that reduce your business risk. Trust Vault Health Workforce Screening and our 30+ years of experience to be your background screening provider.

What services does try vault offer?

TRY VAULT Services Background Checks Comprehensive background screening services, customized to fit your needs. Read More Arrow Right Drug Screening Drug & Alcohol testing programs backed by powerful technology. Read More Arrow Right Health Screening Occupational health screening services to keep your workforce safe. Read More Arrow Right

What is a randomizer in vault health workforce screening?

Testing Randomizer: Customizable random testing, including expanded panels for urine, hair, nails, blood, Peth and oral fluids “It is exciting to see that Vault Health Workforce Screening employs industry leaders like Marc Bourne because we know that we are receiving best and most current information regarding backgrounds and state regulations.”

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