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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use "vestibule" in a sentence?

We can pass from one compartment to another through a vestibule . [Please select] A second advantage of the vestibule developed in use, for it was found that the lateral swaying of the cars was diminished by the friction between the vestibule frames. [Please select] The body was in the vestibule covered with wild flowers.

What does the word vestibule mean?

vestibule. The noun vestibule, pronounced 'VES-tih-bule,' probably comes from the Latin word vestibulum, which means “entrance court.” From about 1880 to 1930 vestibules were popular features in new homes because they create an additional barrier that keeps heat or cool air in and street noise out.

Is a vestibule interior or exterior?

Vestibules are typically designed as an exterior feature that extends out from the face of the building, or as an interior structure that is flush with the face of the building, and a structure within the lobby. The first consideration is one of aesthetics, which has significant impacts on design and structure.

What is another word for vestibule?

What is another word for vestibule? Use our Synonym Finder Nearby Words vestibulitis vestibulocerebellum vestibulodynia vestigal vestige vestiges vestibule vestibular windows vestibular window vestibular schwannoma vestibular examination vestibular exam 10-letter Words Starting With v ve ves vest vesti vestib vestibu vestibul vestibule

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