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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose West Coast medical equipment services?

West Coast Medical Equipment Services is a Smaller Streamlined Company offering personalized boutique service, and better prices than our large company competitors, who have much higher overhead, Salesmen who are hard closers, and automated phone answering systems. Our Goal is to provide the best service you have ever had!

Why westwestcmr surgical supplies?

WestCMR helps hospitals and surgery centers capitalize on buying, selling and liquidating in-date surgical supplies. Hospitals and surgery centers need outlets for distressed inventory from switching OEMs, budget cuts, surgeon preference changes, and returns.

Where can I buy medical supplies online? is your online source for medical supplies from walkers, wheelchairs, hospital beds, scooters, wheelchair ramps, lab coats and much more.

Why choose the west coast Animal Health website?

We continuously strive to add new products and design features so your visit to our website is enjoyable and productive. A key function of the West Coast Animal Health (WCAH) website is to be an extension of our "brick and mortar" side of the business. To deliver superior service through commitment to integrity and customer satisfaction,

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