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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Whirlpool's leadership development programs?

Full Time: Our full-time rotational Leadership Development Programs (LDPs) are at the core of Whirlpool’s investment into early career talent and development. Whirlpool LDPs are designed to launch the careers of future leaders. Rotations with our programs are focused around challenging projects and business critical operations.

What is an internship at Whirlpool?

Intern: Our internships programs are designed to maximize your learning through challenging business-critical projects and impactful mentorship. Each intern is the owner of a project in their area and are assigned a Whirlpool leader to guide them from start to finish.

Is my application successfully placed in the graduate pool?

We are pleased to advise that you performed strongly at the assessment centre and met the desired requirements for the graduate role. As a result, your application has been successfully placed in the Graduate Pool.

When is the best time to get a job at Whirlpool?

Looking at old whirlpools, a lot of the calls from departments are made in November and early December. Some people even got offers in January. I would expect most will be done before the end of the year but unfortunately I think it will just be an unknown wait.

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