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Frequently Asked Questions

Who wrote the song winner winner Chick dinner?

The book also cites a song titled Winner Winner Chick Dinner written by Johnny Clare, which gained popularity in 1941 and may have also contributed to the phrase’s popularity. How did “Winner winner chicken dinner” become a popular phrase?

How do you say winner winner chicken dinner?

Alternatives to saying “Winner winner, chicken dinner” 1 “You’re the best!” 2 “Good job!” 3 “You did it!” 4 “Congratulations on your win!” 5 “Wow, you won! That’s great!” 6 “That’s fantastic!” 7 “The way things are going, you should be expecting a lot more money soon!” 8 “What an honor for you!” More ...

Is there a drive-up window at winner chicken dinner?

Winner Chicken Dinner Drive-up window available. We do catering for meetings, parties and any kind of event. Call in orders are welcome! Want 100 pieces of chicken or just one, we can handle it. Call 605-842-1200. Contact +1605-842-1200 Address is 702 W. 2nd Street, Winner, SD 57580 Open Hours Monday: Closed

How much is a chicken dinner in Las Vegas?

The legend tells that years ago every casino in Las Vegas had a three-piece chicken dinner with a potato and a veggie for $1.79. A standard bet back then was $2, hence when you won a bet you had enough for a chicken dinner. !” Get the winner winner chicken dinner mug. The legendary words most Battleground players never see...

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