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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sell articles on articlesale?

The articles you want to sell should be 100% unique and well-written in English. Create your ArticleSale account in order to start selling your pre-written articles up for sale. Registration on the site is free of charge. How Do You Get Paid? You get paid via PayPal.

How do you make money selling articles online?

The result is an article that’s only lost money. If you can’t find another market for them, you can try article buying and selling sites. For most of these sites, the process is simple: You upload your article and put it up for sale. Someone comes along and purchases it. The site will take a portion of the profit, but you get to keep most of it.

Is it safe to sell articles online?

There’s no guarantee you’ll ever sell the article. A warning: Some article-selling sites can be shady and unreliable. If you’re looking at using a site that’s not on this list, we recommend you to research any such site before you sell there.

How do buyers search for articles?

Buyers can browse, search through categories or use the search box to find what they need. They can narrow down their search according to the seller’s feedback. ArticleSale gives you your very own profile page which lists all of the articles you have posted on the site for sale.

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