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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to become an assistant professor?

Most universities require assistant professors to advance as associate professors to be eligible for tenure. The time it takes to earn tenure can depend on the institution, but it typically takes around seven years of building your experience as an assistant and associate professor before you're eligible for tenure.

What skills are needed to be an assistant professor?

The assistant professor must be able to collaborate with colleagues on the development of a new project, course, or even a research paper. He/she must take the initiative to be an instructor to another faculty member. His leadership and impact must be evident.

How much does an assistant professor typically make?

Being an assistant professor is a challenging and promising phase in an academic career, as long as you get the chance to eventually upgrade to full employment. As an entry-level tenure track position, an assistant professor makes $60,167 per year on average.

Are there any benefits to becoming an assistant professor?

Assistant Professors have the opportunity to teach college and university students on a wide range of academic subject matter, as well as publish research to further avenues of learning. Is this useful? Teach between two and four classes to undergraduate students, and often graduate students.

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