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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Biden’s approval/disapproval rating?

The president stood at 50%-49% approval/disapproval in the most recent Fox News national poll, which was conducted Sept. 12-15. Fox News will release a new national poll Wednesday. An average of all the most recent national surveys on the president’s approval rating compiled by Real Clear Politics indicated Biden at 42%-51%.

How many Americans approve of Joe Biden as president?

Just 37% of Americans questioned in a Quinnipiac University survey say they approve of the job Biden’s doing as president, with 52% giving him a thumbs-down. The poll was conducted Oct. 15-18 and released Tuesday.

Is Biden getting less done in Washington than many expected?

President Biden and congressional Democrats are getting less done in Washington than many voters expected, according to a new poll. Meanwhile, a separate poll released this week shows Biden’s approval rating reaching the lowest point of his presidency.

Did inflation send Biden's approval rating tumbling?

Inflation rose at the fastest pace in nearly four decades in December, as rapid price gains fueled consumer fears about the economy and sent President Biden's approval rating tumbling.

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