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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to make a Bluetooth headset connect to music only?

To do this, put the Bluetooth headset in pairing mode and then search for it in Windows 10 (same menu). The Bluetooth headset can now be added again. Afterwards, the Bluetooth headset should be correctly displayed with "Voice, music connected".

Is it possible to connect a Bluetooth headset for voice only?

When you connect a Bluetooth headset under Windows 10, you will notice in the Bluetooth settings for your headset that only "Voice Connected" is displayed there. This means that the headset's microphone is used for voice input, but not for audio output.

What do I do if only one side of my Bluetooth headset works?

If your headphones are fully charged and are still only working on one side then you’ll need to start looking for broken internal wires. To do this, don’t worry it’s super easy. Open the Bluetooth device, and remove the case. Use a soldering iron, find the broken wires and reconnect them.

How can I make sure that sound is balanced on both sides of my Bluetooth headset?

Mostly, Beats Bluetooth headphones show this issue while you have successfully adjusted the preferences. Open the ‘Sound’ option and go to ‘Balance,’ and there is an option to active both sides. Sometimes, it happens that your earplugs get blocked with wax, dirt, or hair.

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