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Frequently Asked Questions

Do incentive programs really work?

The truth is, incentives do work, but they have to be part of an overall incentive plan that addresses all issues related to performance and human motivation. An Incentive Research Foundation whitepaper, “ Incentives, Motivation, and Workplace Performance: Research and Best Practices ,” found that a comprehensive incentive program can increase employee performance anywhere from 22 to 44 percent.

How to calculate an incentive program?

Calculating incentive payments will depend on the programs employers decide upon. Calculating sales-based incentives To calculate a sales-based incentive payment, multiply the total sales profit ...

Who are eligible providers for meaningful use?

What Does Eligible Provider (EP) Mean? An eligible provider (EP) is a healthcare provider who has demonstrated their understanding of electronic medical records (EMRs) by implementing criteria based on EMR patient updates and Meaningful Use laws.

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