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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Cricut not connecting to Bluetooth?

The Bluetooth connection process is essentially the same across most devices, regardless of your operating system. Registry errors can cause miscommunication between your computer and the Cricut machine. You can solve this problem by doing the following:

Why does my Cricut keep losing connection?

However, this efficiency can often be compromised when your machine loses connection. Your Cricut may keep losing connection due to Bluetooth connectivity issues, outdated firmware, software bugs, and a variety of other reasons. The presence of special characters in usernames is a bug that may also cause a drop in the connection.

Does Cricut work over USB?

If Cricut works over USB then the problem is definitely your BT connection. To return to troubleshooting the wireless connection go to the next step. If you are attempting to connect over Bluetooth make sure that Cricut is not connected physically to the laptop over USB. Check to see if Cricut is connected to another PC or laptop over Bluetooth.

How to pair a Cricut with an iOS device?

iOS devices for instance save Bluetooth connections even when they are not being used. As well, a Cricut will automatically pair with a device it was once connected to – even if the device is in sleep mode but within range of the Cricut. You have to manually disconnect or un-pair Cricut Bluetooth connections from all those devices.

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