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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Exede a good internet provider?

Exede is ranked #3 of the largest provider in the U.S., in terms of availability to customers. Exede offers Internet service to approximately 319,746,556 people in 3,208 counties over 49 states. Exede offers Internet service via the following technology: Satellite All Exede plans require a 24 month commitment.

How much does Exede cost?

$149.99 a month for 24 months. Exede offers a VoIP phone solution that can be bundled with their satellite internet packages for $29.99/mo. Exede offers an additional layer of support called Easy Care, which can be added to all plans for $5.99/mo, but the first 3 months are free.

What is the difference between Viasat and Exede?

Today, Viasat plans include faster download speeds and unlimited data at package prices similar to past Exede internet plans. Now you can do more for less—all because you stuck to your original plan while satellite technology evolved quietly in the background. Unlimited plans with more priority data and zero data overage fees 3

Is Exede Internet available on JetBlue?

WildBlue changed its name to Exede in 2012 and continued using ViaSat's satellite capability to improve its services. That same year, ViaSat announced that Exede Internet would now be available on JetBlue flights and by 2015 more than 400 planes had in-flight internet.

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