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Frequently Asked Questions

Is free will really free?

By using FreeWill, you help keep this service free for everyone no matter their circumstances. If you choose to commit a small gift to a nonprofit, you'll also be helping them continue their work for generations to come, all at no cost to you during your lifetime.

Is free checking really free?

This month, it is “free checking,” a term that can mean something different from bank to bank. Many banks will waive monthly fees for account holders who sign up for direct deposit, but those accounts aren’t really “free checking,” strictly speaking. “A lot of times, it’s free if you have a direct deposit.

Are free samples really free?

Are online freebies really free? Most free product samples are truly free but you may join a mailing list to receive future offers or product news. You will need to unsubscribe from this list. Some offers for physical products require you to pay postage fees. For free subscriptions, you will need to cancel before the trial period ends to avoid charges.

Is Amazon free trial free?

Amazon Europe said the ad repeatedly said the “free” element of the trial was time-limited and, on all but one of the occasions on which the word “free” was used, it was preceded by “30-day”.

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