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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of inmate?

When it has its etymological origin in the Latin word reus, is usually used with reference to the individual who, having committed a fault, must be punished or is it actually fulfilling a pain. Therefore, an inmate is someone who is accused of something or who has already been sanctioned.

Do inmates make money?

You can make money off of things like investments you have on the outside. Many inmates have hustles in prison to make extra money. While not allowed, the staff tends to look the other way unless you’re doing something like making hooch or selling drugs.

What is the definition of inmates?

The definition of an inmate is a person who is confined to an institution such as a prison or mental hospital. A person who is serving a five-year sentence in prison for robbery is an example of an inmate.

What is another word for inmates?

Synonyms for inmate include resident, occupant, inhabitant, tenant, boarder, roomer, lessee, occupier, renter and lodger. Find more similar words at!

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