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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the inmatesales mobile app?

The InmateSales mobile app allows you to manage your InmateSales account and make deposits for products at certain facilities. You can also schedule video sessions and send emails to these individuals where they are allowed at a facility. Not all facilities support all products and services that we offer.

How do I use inmatesales?

InmateSales works best when using the Google Chrome browser. A clear photo is required to create a video visitation and email account. Photos should be taken from the shoulders up. The ID you use for your video visitation and email account must be valid and match the information provided for your InmateSales account.

How does an inmate's phone account work?

This account is owned and controlled by an inmate’s friend or family member. It is linked to one phone. The charges are automatically deducted from the account when a call is received. Inmate can use funds to call one specific phone number designated by the account owner Create, manage, and fund account online or via phone any time, day or night

How do I make a phone call to an inmate?

The inmate can call any phone number using the card, but they must have the calling card ID number to make calls. Call our toll-free number and talk with a live representative Visit the lobby kiosk at the facility and use cash or credit/debit card

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