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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get an appointment at Mayo Clinic?

Appointments at Mayo Clinic are prioritized on the basis of medical need. Availability depends on the nature and urgency of the problem and Mayo Clinic's ability to help (as determined by a Mayo Clinic doctor). Appointment requirements will vary depending on the specialty. Timely appointments are available for urgent problems.

Where can you find Mayo Clinic?

Mayo Clinic. The Mayo Clinic is a highly respected group of clinics and hospitals located in Rochester, Minnesota, although it has satellite clinics in several locations throughout the United States. It is associated with the Mayo Medical School. Its origin can be traced to the founding of Saint Marys hospital, a 27 bed hospital, in 1889.

Is Mayo Clinic a cancer hospital?

Mayo Clinic doctors and researchers solve the most serious and complex medical questions, one person at a time. U.S. News & World Report consistently ranks Mayo Clinic among the top hospitals for cancer in the nation. The Mayo Clinic Cancer Center is designated by the National Cancer Institute as a comprehensive cancer center.

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