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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using Meaningful Beauty products?

Meaningful Beauty is Cindy Crawford’s signature skincare line that utilizes a powerful melon extract to diminish imperfections and reduce signs of aging. Extending its collection to include hair and body care products as well, the brand’s focus is on restoring youth without the need for cosmetic surgery.

What are the main ingredients in Meaningful Beauty products?

The brand uses popular active ingredients such as retinol and hyaluronic acid, along with their own "miracle molecule" antioxidant developed from French melon extract. Meaningful Beauty has quite a following with thousands of five star reviews, claiming the products are effective at helping skin look healthy and youthful.

How much do Meaningful Beauty products cost?

The set costs $49.95 per month with membership. Meaningful Beauty's 7-Piece Skincare System comes with the same core products as the 5-Piece version, with the addition of the Skin Renewing Peel and their Glowing Serum.

Who created meaningful beauty products?

Meaningful Beauty is the skincare line developed by supermodel Cindy Crawford alongside French skin expert Dr Jean-Louis Sebagh. Targeted towards reducing the signs of skin aging, Meaningful Beauty creates skincare systems with formulas designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and dullness.

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