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Frequently Asked Questions

What is certified EHR, and why is it important?

What is certified EHR Why is it important? Certified EHR Technology. Certification also helps health care providers and patients be confident that the electronic health IT products and systems they use are secure, can maintain data confidentially, and can work with other systems to share information.

What does it mean to have a certified EHR?

What does it mean to have a certified EHR? A certified EHR is an EHR that’s demonstrated the technological capability, functionality, and security requirements required by the Secretary of Health and Human Services and has received certification by the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC).

Does EHR certification by the government mean anything?

The term EHR used to mean an office-based patient documentation system. The Federal government has usurped the EHR label and has given it back to the healthcare industry as the final acronym for describing any of these electronic patient data systems.

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