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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an educational studio in design?

Educational studio. In educational studios, students learn to develop skills related to design, ranging from architecture to product design. In specific, educational studios are studio settings where large numbers of students learn to draft and design with instructional help at a college.

What is a studio environment in education?

The studio environment is characterized by 2 types in education: The workspace where students do usually visually-centered work in an open environment. This time and space is beyond that of instructional time and faculty guidance is not available. It allows for students to engage each other, help each other, and inspire each other while working.

What's the difference between an acting studio and a movie studio?

An "acting studio" is an institution or workspace (similar to a dance studio) in which actors rehearse and refine their craft. The Neighborhood Playhouse and Actors Studio are legendary acting studios in New York. A movie studio is a company which develops, equips and maintains a controlled environment for filmmaking.

What is the difference between a photographic studio and radio studio?

A photographic studio is both a workspace and a corporate body. As a workspace it provides space to take, develop, print and duplicate photographs. A radio studio is a room in which a radio program or show is produced, either for live broadcast or for recording for a later broadcast.

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