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What movies and TV shows have Timothy Olyphant?

Sort by Year - Latest Movies and TV Shows With Timothy Olyphant. 1 1. Untitled David O. Russell. Drama, History | Post-production. Plot details kept under wraps. Director: David O. Russell | Stars: Margot Robbie, Anya ... 2 2. Untitled Elmore Leonard adaptation. 3 3. Havoc (2022) 4 4. The Starling (2021) 5 5. National Champions (2021) More items

What are some good songs by Timothy Olyphant?

Timothy Olyphant / Rake Grinder. - Grinder v Grinder (2016) ... Timothy Olyphant. - The Olyphant in the Room (2016) ... Timothy Olyphant. - Grinder Rests in Peace (2015) ... Rake Grinder / Timothy Olyphant. - Giving Thanks, Getting Justice (2015) ... Timothy Olyphant.

Will Timothy Olyphant play Dominic Toretto in the fast and the Furious?

Olyphant was offered a starring role for a character called Dominic Toretto in another car film called Redline – that would later be retitled The Fast and the Furious. According to Sony producer Neal H. Moritz, "The studio said, 'If you can get Timothy Olyphant to play that role we will greenlight the movie.'"

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