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Frequently Asked Questions

What can trackado do for You?

Trackado – All your contracts at your fingertips! Have all your contracts in one place, access them instantly from anywhere, get automatically notified of key dates and tasks, and uncover insights about the financial health of your contracts. Watch this short video to learn how Trackado can improve your contract management process.

Why trackado contract management?

With Trackado, your contracts will always stay hyper-organized. Access your contracts electronically and instantly, anywhere you are. With automatic reminders of important dates and contract milestones, monitoring milestones and activities is a breeze.

Is trackado safe and secure?

Trackado keeps your data private and safe with TLS/SSL and file encryption, ensuring what is yours stays yours. Since Trackado is a cloud solution, you can access it with a web browser from anywhere — no need to install complicated programs.

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