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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose tvfcu for online banking?

Members who prefer to refrain from public places or enjoy maximizing technology from the comfort of their homes may take advantage of the variety of online banking and digital banking methods with TVFCU.

How do I contact tvfculive?

GIVE US A CALL: Speak with us over the phone. Call the tvfcuLIVE Line at 423-634-3600 for transfers and basic account services. VIDEO BANKING: Download our tvfcuLIVE Stream video banking app on your smart device or on your desktop by activating the orange "Video Banking" flag on the right hand side of your screen at

What do I do if I don't have a tvfcuonline password?

If you do not have an tvfcuONLINE password or have never logged into tvfcuONLINE before, please call 800-634-3600 or visit one of our branches and ask us to assist you. Please make sure you are at your computer when you call us so that we can assist you more effectively.

What is the drive thru technology at tvfcu?

DRIVE-THRU TECHNOLOGY: Use tvfcuLIVE Studio ITMs in the drive-thrus to connect with a TVFCU personal teller located back at our downtown headquarters. Members may cash checks, deposit cash and checks, withdraw cash, make loan payments and transfer funds.

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