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Frequently Asked Questions

How to check AD replication between domain controllers?

How to Check Active Directory Replication? Checking AD Replication Using Repadmin. The repadmin.exe utility is installed by default on an AD domain controller when ADDS is installed and promotes the server to a domain controller. Diagnose AD Replication Using PowerShell. ... ADREPLSTATUS: The Active Directory Replication Status Tool. ...

Can we install ADMT tool in source domain?

The "best practice" recommends to install the ADMT tool on a server to a domain and not on your domain controller. The administrator account for Active Directory Migration Tool must have sufficient rights on the source and destination domain The version used is SQL Express 2008 SP1. To start, launch the executable from your server.

What is Microsoft repair tool?

The Microsoft IE Repair Tool is a browser utility developed by Microsoft to assist Windows users with diagnosing and repairing problems that may be affecting the Internet Explorer Web browser. The tool addresses problems that may be causing Internet Explorer to run slowly or crash.

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